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Investing in a smartphone these days is the toughest job of all. It’s like your money is at stake because you have no idea how the phone will turn out to be. Research is the key to finding the best phone for yourself so that your investment does not good to waste. Here are top 5 phones of 2017 that have come out, have been tested and some of these are yet to hit the stores too! Choose one of these and you will not regret investing in it for sure.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:

If you are a fan of big screens then this smartphone is definitely the best choice for you. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is one of the best phones of 2017. It’s amazing software highlights its performance and the camera offers you high-end quality. The only bad side to it is that it is priced crazily and getting your hands on it might not be that easy. The 6.2-inch display is going to quench the thirst for a big interface and this edition of the Galaxy series is also dust and water resistant. The internal storage is 64GB, offering you an SD Card slot along too. The battery life is also incredible!


  1. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

Launched in 2016, iPhone 7 is still one of the top phones, worth investing in. The low light camera has a remarkable quality and this edition is water resistant too. Where a lot of iPhone lovers are still clinging to iPhone 6s as one of the best iPhones right now, it is not wrong to say that iPhone 7 brings along the top notch camera quality! If you are crazy for some really great photos then this is it! iPhone battery has always been an issue but iPhone 7 seems to have it better. It has been improved.

The same series brings in iPhone 7 plus too which has the magical camera that you wish for. Want the DSLR-alike quality? Well, this is the best bet for you. The incredible performance makes you fall in love with it. The only bad side to it is that there is no headphone jack but a lot of people admire that feature too. However, it is still one of the most expensive phones.


  1. Motorola Moto Z:

This smartphone is the boss of creativity or lets you be creative in several ways. It comes with accessories which allow you to do much more with the phone rather than just click some selfies. The fingerprint sensor is the best thing about this smartphone and come with many wonderful features. The future of Motorola is definitely positive with such amazing creations. The battery time is annoying though and the camera won’t bring in the top notch quality like the above-mentioned phones either.


  1. iPhone 8:

Who in the world is not waiting for iPhone 8? Well everyone is and it deserves to be waited for. Rumors are that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will feature some amazing hardware and design changes which will make it the best iPhone to set your eyes upon. It is all set to release in September 2017 and has already made its place amongst the best phones of 2017. The edge to edge OLED Screen is what makes the thought of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus exciting. Wireless charging is also said to be introduced in this series of iPhone. Apple also promises to make this version a devil in its fast and sleek performance.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Note 7 was no less than a disaster for the Samsung family. However, the rumors of Samsung quitting on its next edition are all lies because the Note 8 is all set to release in August or September 2017. The Super AMOLED screen is worth the wait and the pen will accompany the Note phone. A dual camera is also welcomed along with waterproof feature and a lot more. Will this Note edition overcome the battery issues of the Note 7 or is Samsung on way to another disappointment? It seems that we will have to wait till the end of September to find out


The top 5 phones of 2017 are all about investing the amount and grabbing the best tech in hands. However, you need to wait and watch for the last two phones to come to stores! iPhone 8 and Samsung Note 8 are being heavily awaited. Will the wait be worth it?


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