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With the evolution of technology and new software’s the concept of music has undergone a tremendous amount of change. Music is no longer accessed through cassettes, CD’s and neither the music is downloaded via iTunes or other sorts of Android applications. The top music streaming services like Shopify, Tidal, Apple music and Spotify has made it much easier and convenient for people to access all types of music available online through the use of a single application. All music needs can be fulfilled under these top music-streaming services. However, the applications vary in terms of the features they offer and other elements that have an impact on the overall experience of the user while he is using the service. Hence a comparison needs to be made which discusses all types of factors that one should consider while they all deciding to use the services of a music streaming application or software.


Comparison of Pandora v/s Spotify


Spotify is one of the best streaming services as it was one of the first applications that introduced this concept in the market. It has a lot of features that can make the experience of the user-memorable and entertaining. The application makes sure that every user is aware of the new music that has taken over the music industry hence for that purpose the application has the option of “Discover Weekly Playlist”. The playlist has all the music that suits the taste and preferences of individuals. Moreover, it is integrated with social media sites like Facebook, which allows people to share the music with their friends and family members. It also gives it users the option of creating a highly personalized and customized playlist that can be accessed by the user himself. It also offers different genres from which people can select their music. The genres include emo, pop, punk, hardcore etc.


Pandora on the other hand just like Spotify also gives its users personalized music experiences. However, the major change introduced by Pandora that makes it the best streaming service is that it has added the feature of an alarm clock, which means that people can now wake up to their favorites playlists on Pandora. What makes Pandora different from Spotify is that Pandora helps you select the songs for your playlist based on your taste and preferences and if people need lyrics to sing along, Pandora can help you access lyrics as well.


Comparison of Apple Music v/s Tidal


Tidal offers the sound quality that people have been looking for in various music streaming services. It offers it users the feature of high-fidelity streaming which means that people can enjoy the sound quality of a CD on an online streaming service. Moreover, it offers a lot of video content along with the feature of live streaming. The live streaming feature allows it users to enjoy the concerts of their famous bands live while they are performing in front of a huge audience. The music services of Tidal does not end here, they also offer tickets to the concerts of your favorite singers and musicians. However, in order to access the service provided by Tidal you need to pay a subscription fee.


Apple Music requires its users to pay a subscription fee but by subscribing yourself to Apple Music, people can gain access to the largest music catalog. Apple Music has the most music content hence any kind of music can be accessed through Apple Music. It also offers the feature of music locker via iTunes match. The only aspect that makes it less appealing as compared to other top music services is that it cannot be downloaded on old iPods and it is not compatible with all Android devices.



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